The December No B.S. Marketing Meeting

Bill GLazer, International Marketing GuruOur Guest Speaker
International Marketing Guru

Bill Glazer Will Present:

The “8-Steps” to Apply OUTRAGEOUS
“Multi-Step” Marketing Campaigns
for Your Own Business

  • What is OUTRAGEOUS Marketing and why you should use it in your own Business
  • The “8-Steps” To Apply OUTRAGEOUS “Multi-Step” Marketing Campaigns to Your Own OUTRAGEOUS Business:
    • Step #1: Understand that everything you do to advertise and market your Business can be OUTRAGEOUS
    • Step #2: Understand that you are NOT your Customer
    • Step #3: Train your Brain to look for ideas in “obvious” places
    • Step #4: Train your Brain to look for ideas in “un-obvious” places
    • Step #5: Study what’s working outside your Industry and S&D it
    • Step #6: Everything can be OUTRAGEOUS … Including YOU!
    • Step #7: OUTRAGEOUS Advertising is FUN and it lets you make your Business FUN too
    • Step #8: Bill won’t tell you this until you see his Presentation, but I promise you it will be…OUTRAGEOUS! (and you’ve never seen it before!!)
  • The OUTRAGEOUS Marketer’s DNA that will summarize EVERYTHING that Bill will be sharing his presentation so you can use it in your own Business.

We’ll have a Christmas Gift for everyone who attends
Plus a who lot more…

Join me on

Wednesday, December 4th


16000 Bagley Rd.
Middleburg Hts., OH 44130

11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.


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