Among the top 3 reasons consumers give for leaving a business they have done business within the past and were happy with — Feeling taken for granted!  The month of November is the perfect opportunity for you to let your clients/customers/patients know you DO appreciate them.


Another among the top 3 reasons is…  They forgot about the company!


It has been customary for businesses to wait until the end of the year to thank their customers, many do it at Christmas time and include it in a Christmas card sent out. The problem with that strategy is that you’re showing up when everyone else is showing up, and your Thank You is probably getting lost among a bunch of others.


Many recipients put their many Christmas cards on display, the more there are the less time the take to read them, in many cases they don’t even know who most of the cards came from. There are soooo many because that’s when everyone else shows up, nobody wants it noticed that they didn’t send something. It’s easy for yours to get lost.

Why not beat the crowd?


I recommend my clients send a Thanksgiving card in November to say Thank You to your customers/clients/patients. This allows you to show up with NO competition. It also let’s you address those two big reasons for your customers not continuing to do business with you.


The Thank You, shows you do not take them for granted and showing up helps prevent them forgetting about you.


It can be difficult to stand out among your competitors, here’s an opportunity to be the only one present at that time. Most of your competitors are NOT showing up at Thanksgiving to say thank you.

What better time to thank them for their business than during the month of thanks.


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