Attendee Comments

A while back I bought a product for $400 covering Dan’s topic today; Dan just covered everything that was in the product and more, so we just got at least $400 worth of value in today’s meeting!!

Pete Primeau

The amount of valuable information received at last month’s Cleveland marketing workshop was unbelievable! Dan Cricks didn’t just give information, but strategies that can instantly be implemented into any business. This kind of information isn’t even found in some high-priced courses! Thanks Dan!

Duston McGroarty

This was the best Cleveland marketing workshop I’ve attended so far. Great energy and people willing and hungry to learn. Great job Dan Cricks.

Tim Thompson
Timali & Co.

Last night’s Cleveland marketing workshop was AWESOME! Dan Cricks shared great business marketing info and the discussion sparked so many great ideas of how to grow my business.

Jeff Dettmer

This month’s Cleveland marketing workshop was excellent. I learned a great deal from Dan Cricks and Paul; things I’ve never considered using to advertise my business.

Mike McGroarty

The energy at last month’s Cleveland/Akron marketing workshop was amazing! Dan Cricks showed us awesome strategies that will be valuable for growing my business, I can’t wait till next month’s meeting.

Ali Thompson
Timali & Co.

I was at the Cleveland marketing workshop last night where the speakers talked about advertising and I picked up several great ideas. I always walk out of there with great ideas, but this night Dan Cricks and the other speakers both gave sample sales letters and advertising that they have shown to generate real profits for just about any business.

Claude Whitacre
The Sweeper Store, Wooster, Ohio

The Cleveland marketing workshop was very interesting. All the business marketing information Dan Cricks gave was relevant and useful to a range of industries, including mine.

John Turnbull
Thunderstone Software, LLC

To think I almost didn’t join mastermind.  Had I listened to my fears, and not followed my gut, I would have made the biggest career mistake of my life.  It’s been 4 years since joining Dan Cricks’ mastermind and in that time my business has grown exponentially, despite the “bad” economy. 

Everyone needs a coach, no matter where you are in your career… Dan is my business coach and mentor. In addition to being a smart business man and marketer he’s a connector.  You hear the Italians say, “I gotta a guy”, for me it’s Dan Cricks.  He’s connected me with the ideas and the people I needed, at just the right time, to propel my business to the next level. 

He’s assembled the smartest people for our mastermind group.  Just when you think you’rethe smartest person in the room, and there’s nothing more you canlearn… bam, you get smacked right between the eyes and brought back to reality; and that’s a good thing… something I need to be able to grow. 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Dan, and mastermind, is that “I don’t know what I don’t know” and that’s exactly why every entrepreneur should be in a mastermind group.   

 I dodged committing to mastermind because of time, cost, fear… you name it,I felt it, but I pushed through all that.  And because of it, my business is positioned to grow by at least 100% this year… in a bad economy.  I attribute it all to being connected to Dan and his mastermind experience.

Ron Sheetz
RJ Media Magic
“I have been in Dan Cricks’ GKIC Mastermind Program for about a year, and what a year it has been! I am on track to double my business this year, and I owe much of that success to my mastermind experience.

The benefits of being in this mastermind are almost too great to verbalize – enhanced confidence and focus, better implementation, working “on” not “in” my business, modeling what has worked for others, camaraderie, ability to avoid “bright shiny object” syndrome, improved mindset about what’s possible, and much more! I highly recommend this program to any entrepreneur or business owner who wants to achieve more and break through self-imposed barriers! The results speak for themselves…your return on investment in this experience will be phenomenal. Oh yeah, and it’s a great group of fun people too!” 
Kris Murray, President
Child Care Marketing Solutions

Dan Cricks’ MasterMind group has been the best investment I’ve made in my business education. Investing a day a month with a room full of smart interested business owners gives me the motivation and bundled experience I need to push through “sticking points” I find myself in.

Dan does the near impossible task of making sure we give value to each other, and offers sharp advice himself when needed. He may be the smartest person in the room, and that’s saying a lot. Dan has shown a talent for gathering entrepreneurs from diverse fields, who offer much to the rest of the group. Not a weak link in the group.

I attend many Glazer-Kennedy events, and I get great value. But Dan’s MasterMind group is where I get the most bang for my buck.
Claude Whitacre
Local Profit Geyser
Wooster, OH

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Cleveland & Akron

Wednesday, June 5th

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