Depositphotos_12633644_mailboxAs you know or should know, most consumers sort their mail right over their trash can.  Something that grabs their attention will get opened right away or put into their ‘A’ pile, some into the ‘B’ pile, they may even have a ‘C’ pile and most of the rest into the trash.

Keep that in mind, when you want to send a prospect or client something that looks commercial or boring. Whether you like it or not, these are the facts, so be realistic; more importantly, be smart when sending anything through the mail, via email or any media, especially during the Christmas season.

Trying to compete with Santa is usually a very difficult task, UNLESS you have something that is really going attention or something that relates to them specifically.

Here is a reminder: When marketing in December, get it out in plenty of time before Christmas. Most things arriving the week of Christmas will be put in the ‘B’ pile at best.  Even if it makes the ‘A’ pile, chances are it will be a while before it gets any attention.  Keep that in mind when figuring out the timing!

Trying to compete with Santa is a recipe for failure if not done properly, especially when it comes to timing, relevance and how well it gets attention. Your success rate when mailing in December will go up if you’re concentrating you those who have done business with you in the past, especially concentrating on your best clients!

The other thing to consider is December is a great time to be sure that your marketing is in place and ready to hit in early January, most of the same rules apply as above. DON’T be boring, be sure what you sending out gets their attention.