New fundamentals are rarely ever discussed, discovered or developed. However from time to time there are new truths that emerge. Normally, I would warn you to be very cautious of someone offering you a “new” fundamental. When you hear of a new fundamental it’s almost like spotting a small roadside shop, you know the dilapidated, off the road in the shade with the hand-painted sign offering “new” antiques. Quite frankly, it is just not possible except in this case.

topsecretLet’s face it; the lifeblood of any business is having a pool of ready to buy prospects. It’s the generating that pool of candidates (prospects) that are favorably predisposed to purchase the products or services offered that presents the challenge.

There are some basic fundamentals every businessperson should have in place in order to generate high quality leads/prospects both online and offline.

The age old wisdom that there are only three ways to grow any business, whether online or offline has been supplanted by a newly realized fourth method.

The age old known ways to grow any business are these:
To Get More New Clients
Get Your Existing Clients to Buy More
Get Your Existing Clients to Buy More Often

This newly-realized, fourth way has been discovered from years of research in the science of business growth. Extensive studies have shown it to be true, time and time again.

Join us on Wednesday, October 14th as we build on these 3 core growth methods and learn the 4th fundamental to growing your business.

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