“How can I compete with low-cost products/service in my community?”


The answer comes down to this…

Price-shopping usually only occurs when customers are given no value-based reasons to choose one product or service over another, so they are forced to make their buying decision based on price alone.

Price-shopping also occurs when advertising alongside competitors who are willing to get into a price-war to buy customers! This is common in the case of “commodity” products like gas for your car, groceries, and local services like plumbers and dry cleaners. But even a seemingly “they’re all the same” service like dry cleaning can differentiate themselves.

The best way to leverage every dollar you spend on marketing is by knowing where your “ideal” prospects are; that alone is not enough.

Discover a powerful strategy ignored by my most businesses that eliminates ________ _____________!

The key is to understand your market, identify who your best clients are so you can make a strategic plan to attract more of them, without having to compete on price. Don’t lose out on the natural price/profit elasticity provided by ___________ ____________ Strategy.

The _______ _______ strategy allows you to sell something easily commoditized & price compared so that comparison is NOT easy.

I’ll show you how _______ strategy allows you to increase prices when your competitors can’t!

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