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This month ONLY I’m NOT going to let you peak behind the curtain, I’m NOT going to peel back the curtain…

I’m Going to Tear Down The Whole Damn Curtain!!!


Top marketers around the world know using video as part of your marketing plan is NO longer a luxury!

It is NOW one of the media you MUST have in your marketing arsenal, especially if you’re marketing online at all!    

The increased connectivity among consumers is creating a disconnect with our prospects and hurting our ability to build relationships not only with our current clients, customers and patients but also with our ideal prospects!

I’ll be interviewed live on-camera during this month’s marketing workshop about the importance and the power of the use of video in marketing. This interview will be broadcast all over the world to entrepreneurs and business owners and YOU’LL be there to see it, if you attend the workshop!

You’ll get the insider’s view of how video works and why it works as its happening LIVE. After the interview we’ll go into detail about the psychology of what you see happening right in front of you!

My special guest this month conducting the interview will Ron Sheetz, who is my TV show producer as well as Dan Kennedy’s must have guy when it comes to any video work at all, he’s known as the go to guy for top marketers and companies all over the country!

This is an opportunity being made available exclusively to those in attendance! Don’t miss this special opportunity!

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The Cleveland & Akron Marketing Workshops

Tuesday, May 12th

Middleburg Hts. Community Center

6:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

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