What Does Prison, a Straw and Vomit Have in Common?
I’ll Tell You at the February Chapter Workshops


This month I’m going to show you a couple of exceptionally good examples that I’ve received from GKIC Members who understand that you can NOT be boring when writing and delivering your sales message; it doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline.

Dan Kennedy identifies the #1 sin when advertising/marketing as being B-O-R-I-N-G!

More so than ever, your prospects are NOT willing to accept ordinary; even more important, they despise BORING when you’re trying to get their attention.

If your message is BORING, you’re wasting your time and your money!

At This Month’s Chapter Workshops I’ll show you:

  • The ultimate selling leverage — Hint: more money, faster
  • The most common “Kopy Kryptonite” — Think about what Kryptonite does to Superman
  • What a “blind approach” mailing is — It’s not always what you do see that’s important, sometimes what you don’t see is just as important.
  • The three (3) common mistakes — That will absolutely KILL the effectiveness of your sales message, whether it’s online or offline, it doesn’t matter.

It’s all about The ONE Way Everyone Keeps Score —- Money in your pocket!

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Cleveland Workshop
Wednesday, February 13  6:45 p.m.


Akron Workshop
Wednesday, February 20  3:30 p.m.

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