Now is the time of year when entrepreneurs are all over making resolutions about their business and their personal life; it’s also the time when they are really struck by the “shiny object syndrome.”

Entrepreneurs are especially vulnerable to this disease at this time of year. You’ve taken inventory and havemagic-wand-t decided with the new year you want to make changes to grow your business, and “hoping” this shiny new object will be “the one.” I have personally witnessed this being the death of many businesses.

The shiny object syndrome can be especially destructive. I have a coaching client who used a campaign I put together for him that he pulled from for over 6 months, adding sales of well over a hundred thousand dollars. His business was in a growth stage, but he fell victim to “shiny object syndrome” and was constantly on the lookout for just about anything new, especially if it had to do with how he could market online. It was less about how it worked and more about if it was new and…

You Lose Focus

After a while “the syndrome” began to have a negative effect, his business began to suffer. One day, on a coaching call, he relayed his frustration to me about everything he was doing that wasn’t working. At one point I asked him “when was the last time you used [the highly successful campaign]”, and he answered “it’s been about 2 years.” As he was answering I could hear in his voice that he had realized where I was going. The next sentence out of his mouth was “Oh sh@&!”

You see the shiny object syndrome is especially destructive when it takes your focus away from what has and is working to grow your business.

I mention this because the highly successful marketing campaigns, strategies, and resources are quickly forgotten due to being caught in the glare of the “new shiny objects.”

Proven Strategies, Resources, and Tools

To help you stay focused on growing your business to the next level in 2016 and to keep you focused on what is and is NOT working, I hold our No BS Small Business Marketing Workshop each month. At this workshop we don’t talk theory; we talk about proven strategies, resources, and tools that I have successfully used, and other members have used successfully.

These workshops are packed with powerful marketing strategies and resources and we provide “real world” examples of how they can be used in any business, whether it is a retail business, B-to-B, professional practice, information marketer or any other type of business.

I have found your workshops to be enlightening and enthusiastic to say the least.  — Shannon